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Changing the colour of the Subject column in ServiceDesk Plus 8200 and later


When we upgraded ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus to version 8200 (and later), I started getting complaints from the team. Before 8200, in the Request list view, the subject column was in black. Now, it was blue.

Blue subject in build 8200

From build 8200, the subject text appears blue

I wasn’t particularly sympathetic until they also started saying that they found it more difficult to spot the unread, bold items on the list and that they were missing updates to tickets because of this.

Whilst build 8202 in May 2013 introduced themes, they only apply to the header section of the page and the tabs across the top. If you want to rollback this UI change, you’re going to need to dig into the stylesheets.

The colour of these elements is controlled by two CSS entries, located in two files in:

[install folder]

Now you will probably want to take backup copies of these files before you start editing them, but in an emergency, you can stop ServiceDesk Plus, delete or rename the \extracted folder, and restart the application again – ServiceDesk Plus will rebuild the \extracted folder and all of its contents.

In common-style.css at around line 2990:

.tableComponent tr.hover a, .tableComponent tr.normal a {

And in sdstyle.css at around line 12033:

.tableComponent tr td.fontBlackBold a {

Change #2C539A in each case to the colour of your choosing (for example #000 for black.) Save the file, refresh the browser, clearing the browser cache if necessary to get the style change to show up.

If you apply a patch to ServiceDesk Plus, there’s every chance that it will overwrite your changes to the CSS files. Equally, if you’re having issues with your SDP install, particularly with getting the application started, one of the things you might be asked to do by the support team is to delete the \extracted folder. So keep a note of the changes you need to make (or just add this page to your favourites).

I would be careful about applying any backup copy of the css files you’ve made to a different build of ServiceDesk Plus as you may overwrite changes in that new release. Which would be bad.

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