Law Thirty-Six

You gotta go with what works

But how do you stop the hamster wheel?


I know I’m not the only one who loves TED Talks, and the fact that there’s such a wealth of them available online now is fabulous. Although the problem with there being such a wealth of them available online is pretty much the same as Randall Munroe’s problem with Wikipedia.


It would be easy to blog continuously about interesting TED Talks you’d watched, but this one was both interesting and timely.

Lots of people don’t recognise that they’re working too hard and what they’re missing things as a result. They live in blissful ignorance, or unconscious incompetence, if you want to put it in those terms. Arguably, that’s less painful than the next stage, where you know that something is wrong but you don’t actually know how to fix it.

For lots of reasons, being signposted quite innocently to this video was timely.

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